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RAZERsport is real high level sports betting information.

John Razer has brought together best players, the top assets, and absolute sharpest databases on this planet. We have engineered and modeled some of the most sophisticated sports betting bots in action today. This is how you Win.


We are going to give you unprecedented access to the exclusive RAZER network


 We show you 

How to Play

What to Play

How to really beat the bookmakers.

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NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, Boxing, UFC. We have the worlds leading information exchange. We show you exactly how the absolute best professional players on this planet operate. How to play. What to play. Why we play it. This is how you beat your bookie.
Our games are sharp. Our style is catered to serious players using some of the best and exclusive information. We have one of the strongest asset and property stables in all of sports betting. We are ahead of the games. Week in week out our information delivers.
We make it simple. Sign up. We send over all games and information. You have 24/7 access to RAZER. If you have any questions or thoughts we are a text or call away. Strap up and get ready. Its time to win. Your a RAZER member now. 
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RAZERsport is one of the most exclusive professional sports betting networks on this planet. Over 7 long time partnerships with the top assets and information in sports. We have a stable of sports betting bots based upon the latest and most up to date models and algorithms.

"No more looking at a giant board trying to find the edge to beat the book. We employ numerous betting bots which will bet autonomously 24/7 based upon our models. I then go into our accounts and pull the highest rated move. I deliver that game to our members."

- John Razer

 We break it down and get you the biggest Winners. You play the same as the top professionals play. 


We are a real professional sports betting syndicate. We play Sharp. We play Smart. We play to win. Start playing like a real player. - John Razer.

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